We Enhance Genuine
Fiber Solutions

We Enhance Genuine

Fiber Solutions

We Enhance Genuine

Fiber Solutions


Kule Fiber products are manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facilities with our own advanced polishing and assembly processes.

Our advanced polishing process and measuring equipment allow us to manufacture the highest quality products needed for today's stringent optical networks and systems.
Precise control of our polishing process and stringent test requirements yield low insertion loss products every time.


Kule Fiber has used its expertise to build a comprehensive range of high quality network communication products which includes fiber optic passive components.

Customer-oriented, open to innovation, integrated production solutions to our customers by providing fast, quality, economic services. To show our presence, flexibility and professionalism at every stage of the working process.

To well understand the expectations of our business partners to make them pleased by acting in compliance with our quality management system and to provide a safe and pleasing working environment to our customers by developing a value added service understanding for their needs.

We always show utmost care in our attitudes to have highest business ethics standards, to be honest, to keep our words, to be respectful against others. We care to be creative and open to the changes and opportunities.

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